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As we were out walking we saw the above stone sat in the hollow of this tree. Couldn’t resist taking a picture. Even felt like knocking on the “door” but didn’t. The rain has moved on out of here and today was absolutely gorgeous – clear air with very little humidity. Caleb wanted to go metal detecting at Moonshine Beach on Table Rock Lake yesterday so we took a little excursion! Hah! Due to all the rain, yes we have had a LOT, Moonshine Beach is TOTALLY under water. The kids then suggested we go to the Fish Hatchery but guess what? That was closed also! Back to Treasure Lake we came and with the money we would have spent getting into the “beach” bought Hannah an ice cream and Caleb some onion rings from the Rock ‘N Roll Cafe here on park. They were happy!

Sometimes living here on park, we forget how things outside are no longer what we used to consider normal. Life has definitely changed due to this virus. Later in the afternoon I took Hannah and Caleb to Fritz Adventure which has reopened to limited capacity. I called ahead to check capacity as I did not want two upset kids. They had a blast. We try never to go there when it is busy anyways as who wants to wait in line for ages?! Yesterday was a little busier than the winter but not too bad.

Earlier in the week I got quite a shock when I walked out the door and something moved on the step! What was it? A young blue jay! As I am sure you know, blue jays are loud and this baby was no exception. It opened its mouth and yelled at me. When I came back to return inside, it decided it had had enough and hopped off on its merry way.

Forgetting about it, the kids later that afternoon, discovered there were two babies. Their parents were still watching them but we are guessing that these two failed their first flying tests! The next morning they had gone so assume that Mum and Dad took them away from the ‘danger’.

Trust you have a blessed weekend,


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