A new job equals a new schedule!

Daniel started a new seasonal job here at Treasure Lake this past Monday. He is working in the maintenance department doing weed whacking. We are thrilled for him as his job at the farm had dried up due to COVID so he was not earning any money. He is now working Monday thru Friday, 7:30am to 4pm and of course he can cycle to work so Richard or I do not have to take him. It is hard work but he is enjoying it.

Up until this week we have not been early birds BUT that has all changed. The kids are going to bed earlier and thus Richard and I are also, so that we can be up by 7am. It has taken some adjusting to but it is good. We are getting more work done of a morning.

Earlier this week, Caleb was in Phase 2 when he saw this rather large turtle crossing the road. Caleb, being Caleb, had to pick it up and bring it home. Of course we had no container big enough for it so that evening he took it for a ride on his longboard whilst I walked Hovis!

Blessings to you,


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