Protecting herself from COVID?!

Hee, hee! No! I was making French Onion soup. If you have ever made that you will know that it requires a LOT of onions. Richard and Hannah are very sensitive to cut onions so Hannah figured a pair of swimming goggles might help 🙂

How are you all? Yesterday was the first day I had gone further than Branson since mid-March. Michelle is having a new transmission put in her car and the nearest, most reasonable place to get the job done is Springfield. That meant that one of us needed to go pick her up after she dropped her car off. Yes, her car was still running which has been a real blessing. She had it diagnosed over 6 months ago and since then has only driven it short distances. Most of you know, new transmissions are not cheap but a better option than purchasing a new car if the one you have is reliable minus the transmission. She has diligently saved up and the car miraculously kept going.

Just along from the transmission place I did a double take, asking Michelle if the diesel price was really only $1.59. I had been looking at prices all along but this was WAY cheap. Quickly pulled over and filled the truck up! Wow! I don’t remember the price of diesel when we first moved to the US in 1997 but gas back then was 99c a gallon. It has never been that cheap again until now over 30 years later. (The cheapest I saw gas yesterday was $1.14 but have heard others say they have seen it for 99c.) Incredible! I also didn’t see diesel as cheap as what we paid anywhere else on our trip.

As I was driving up there it was so nice to see most of the trees out in leaf. For some reason I put my hand to my ear at one point and realized that I had not worn earrings in over 6 weeks! Crazy, right? I am not a dressy person and with Hovis liking to pull earrings out, I normally just wear them for church. With no church right now I had completely forgotten. Would the holes have sealed up? I resigned myself to the fact that if they had, so be it HOWEVER when I got home and tried to put earrings in they still went in easily!

What things, like the above, have you not done for several weeks? How’s your hair looking? I am SO thankful that Hannah and I got haircuts just before all this craziness began. Regardless, this week I have begun to look more and more like a shaggy dog and it was really irritating me SO tonight I got the scissors out and did a quick trim. I feel and, in my opinion, look a lot better! I realize that things are going to start opening back up next week but not in the city of Branson. Regardless, I figure that in the first couple weeks there will be so many people wanting haircuts that the lines will be long! The guys are doing okay as I always cut their hair anyways.

The above may sound as if I am complaining. Nope! Just some observations of little things that have changed. We are still SO blessed, continually grateful and the weather is also absolutely gorgeous.

Take care wherever you are planted,


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