3 years old and a third anniversary

This past Sunday found Hovis celebrating her 3rd birthday! Not only that but it was our 3rd anniversary as “official” full-timers in this rig. Truly hard to believe that we have been living in this rig for 3 years. Wow! Any regrets? Nope! We still LOVE this lifestyle and our rig. Once in a while some kind natured person will suggest the “perfect” house for our family. I just smile and reply something like, “Why on earth would we want to go back to being stuck in a house? For most of the year we have 340 acres to roam on, trails to hike, bike on etc. and when we want to do some traveling we can just hook up and go on down the road. No suitcases to pack along with the fear of forgetting something!”

An artist, who is staying here on Treasure Lake at the moment, took a photo of Hovis on Sunday when we were out walking. A few hours later she brought over this painting! How fabulous is that? Hovis had her portrait painted for her 3rd birthday. Bet there aren’t many parrots that can claim that 🙂



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