Spring is here :)

Hey all! We all wish you a VERY blessed Easter wherever you may be. These may be crazy times that we are living in BUT some things NEVER change and that is God’s love for us. Jesus died on the cross for each one of us but the grave couldn’t keep him down. Aren’t you glad JESUS rose again?! The Bible has NEVER promised Christians a life of ease and relaxation, in fact quite the opposite BUT we can know that, amidst all the fear that is rampaging through the world, we have a hope and a future.

On another note, Spring is here in Missouri! Yes! The kids and I took a bike ride the other morning and saw the first turtle of the year. Caleb, of course, had to pick it up. Normally the turtles quickly hide their heads. Not this one! This little guy (or gal) was very friendly. Caleb kept it for a while and then took it fishing where it made its escape back to freedom. I LOVE this photo (above) that Daniel took of it ‘dancing’. As for me, I couldn’t resist stopping to take a picture of the trees coming out in leaf:

Once again, we are SO blessed to be living where we are during this time. How are your optimism levels? We’ve been told for years that a positive attitude makes a difference to our health. Our pastor is regularly telling us how words truly do make a difference to the outcome of our lives. Well, guess what? Science has now proven what we knew all along to be true? Optimistic people, on the average, live 11-15% longer than those with a pessimistic attitude. So, if you are one of those where the glass is half empty, do yourself a BIG favor and try catching yourself when being negative and rethink things.

One of Hannah’s therapists is trying to encourage her to be a STAR.

  • S – Stop
  • T – Think
  • A – Act
  • R – Repeat

I’d like to tell you that it is working ALL the time but hard habits are not easy to break. However we had our FIRST STAR moment tonight so hopefully that will encourage Hannah to try harder. If she can do it, so can you!

Happy Easter,



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