Crazy Golf on a Sunday evening

Two photos in this post.

Just like most of the rest of the country we are under a “Stay-at’home” order. HOWEVER, that doesn’t mean that we cannot get out and about for which I am SO thankful. Whilst the main buildings, including the game room, are shut here at Treasure Lake, Caleb was blessed last year to find six golf clubs and numerous golf balls by one of the dumpsters. (Someone had been cleaning out their camper and left the goodies for someone else to take and enjoy.) This means that we can still enjoy playing some mini golf (crazy golf) so last evening up we went. Daniel (above) just beat me. He got 3 holes in one! Michelle was the donkey tail but still had fun 🙂

I haven’t posted much about COVID-19, especially not my opinion, as I figured, like me, you are being bombarded with more information than you want! What I will say is that I am SO thankful that we are where we are. We are SO blessed to have this huge park to walk, bike etc, in. Yes, we are practicing social distancing but it is not at all difficult as there are not that many people here.

It is sad to see Branson, a usually thriving tourist town, more like a ghost town but I am guessing that you are experiencing the same wherever you are. Personally we are keeping to pretty much the same routine as we were prior to COVID. Homeschooling continues as normal and Richard, due to his work as a paramedic, continues to go to work. We have always cooked at home so that hasn’t changed either. I am SO thankful for the warmer weather as it is making everyone feel brighter.

I think, for us, the hardest thing is to keep the kids being grateful for today. Kids, being kids, always want to know what is happening tomorrow, next week, in three months etc. This is definitely teaching them (and me) that there is no guarantee of what is going to happen tomorrow. I am actually keeping a personal timeline of how life has changed and continues to change over these past couple weeks and in the ones to come. It took me a while to really get it in my head how fast life can change and then last night we are told that nothing is likely to change until at least the end of April. Can folks really keep in isolation that long? Hmm…..

Counting our blessings and trusting that you are all using wisdom in the situations and places you find yourselves in.


2 Responses to “Crazy Golf on a Sunday evening”

  1. Judy says:

    Amen Dear Liz . Praise and Thank You Lord for Your Protection and Keeping Power!

    • liz says:

      Hey Judy and Dean,
      Praying you are keeping well during this time and getting to enjoy spring on that beautiful place of yours.

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