Torrential Rain

Two photos in this post.

We have sat and watched the rain POURING down today. (It has rained substantially over the last few days.) In the short breaks between bands the kids went out and inevitably came back in soaked when the heavens opened again. The dehumidifier has been running all day. Thankfully it has not been cold so when the the rain finally eased this evening the first job was to clean Hovis out. Phew! Her cage smells a lot better now 🙂

With that job done I headed out for a walk. Rain creates lots of mini waterfalls here at Treasure Lake. Boy, it felt good to be outside taking some exercise. Not that I haven’t been doing anything all day! It was actually quite nice to catch up on some mending etc.

Hovis LOVES the rain. Richard took her out this morning for a few minutes and she came in looking like a drowned rat! She was happy though!

Trust that everyone is keeping well in these crazy times.


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