17, a Driver’s Permit and a new set of wheels :)

Daniel made a big step into adulthood this past week. Last Tuesday he passed the test to obtain his driver’s permit. On Wednesday he turned 17 and on Saturday we picked up his “new to him” wheels. SO proud of him.

The pick-up truck is a 1999 S10 with over 200,000 miles on it but that’s okay. He saved up the money to purchase it for cash. It belonged to friends of ours so has been well cared for and is still a reliable vehicle. Richard went with him yesterday on his first drive around Treasure Lake. Driving is not new to Daniel as he drove our Suburban back on the farm and drives four wheelers etc. out on the farm where he works now.

In all the years I have been writing a blog (started in 2005!) I don’t think I have ever taken such a long break and kept you wondering if we were all okay. Yes, we are all doing fine. The winter has been mild here in Missouri so we are feeling very blessed. School has continued to plod along. My spare time of an evening has been focused on increasing the stock on the website ( that we manage for a couple here in town. I have had fun “raiding” the physical store twice but that results in providing me with more work of cleaning out all the pictures of the product we have to take 🙂 We still have a ways to go but are definitely making progress. I wanted to really buckle down on the job whilst the nights were dark and cold as I know once the warmer weather arrives everyone will want to be out more.

Today we had more work done on the camper. Can I say again how THANKFUL we are that we purchased the extended warranty?! The valves that keep the tanks closed were starting to not seal properly. Yes, pretty gross on the black (poop) tank! However replacing them was a BIG job. The underbelly had to be taken down on both sides as we have two toilets. Due to the design of the original, factory installed wires, we opted to pay the difference and put in electronic sliders which are more reliable and much easier to use. The RV guy still has to come back another day as we had a leak a couple weeks ago. Whilst he fixed the leaks very quickly the wood is rotten under the water heater. (It had been leaking for a while unbeknown to us.) Richard does not have the time nor the skill to pull out the water heater and lines to replace that wood but as we don’t need to be living with mold we are going to get it fixed. It is SO much better to get things like this done in the winter when we are not traveling anywhere. The rotted wood will be replaced and we will be ready to head out again. We have had the dehumidfier running under there drying everything out.

Hope all is well with you,


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  1. Jim says:

    Hello Liz and family – it’s nice to catch up with you again! Congratulations to Daniel on passing his test, but especially the purchase of his truck. Jim and I are so proud of him!! We’ll be coming down the least week of February so he can show it to us then. See you soon!
    Jim & Carla

  2. Gail Portenier says:

    Will Daniel take a trip to the “middle of nowhere” so he can prove that he can get back out? I am thinking of the time when they interviewed him at Silver Dollar City and when ask where he was from that is what he said. Delighted everything is going well for you. Our plans,Lord willing, are to spend more time ate SDC and Branson this year. Gloria is very comfortable there.

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