Happy Christmas to you all!

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I trust you all had a blessed Christmas Day. See what a good friend from England sent us this year? Yum! Yum! British (or Canadian) made Cadbury’s chocolate is the best and I don’t know the last time we had Thornton’s. What a treat and no, we have not eaten it all in one day!

Richard made Hovis a Christmas present yesterday:

Parrot toys are expensive and Hovis destroys them fairly quickly so Richard purchases a long piece of wood and cuts it up himself. He paints the pieces with food coloring. Hovis was pretty impressed with her Christmas tree once he hung it in her cage after this picture.

Knowing that the weather was going to be in the 60’s today we had made plans to take our traditional Christmas hike starting here in Treasure Lake, up through the trails in the conservation area and ending up at the Fire Lookout before heading back down. This is just over 4 miles but as we are in the Ozark Mountains not much of it is flat! We have never seen so many people on the trail! Of course, with Hovis with us that meant there were lots of people who wanted to see her and that’s okay. Hovis brings a smile to many faces and we get to speak to folks that would otherwise have just walked on by. Hovis was very sociable today and flew to several people. Once we got home, tired and hot, it was time to finish cooking and eat! I don’t think Hovis said a word for the rest of the day, she was so tired!

Counting our blessings for HIS provision not only for this Christmas but for the reason we celebrate Christmas in the first place. Jesus truly is the reason for the season.



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