It’s been HOT!

Wow! Hard to believe that we have been back here for 10 days. We started school on Monday and it was ROUGH! Most of the curriculum I had planned and purchased worked except for Hannah’s literature/grammar. Oh my, I thought I had researched it thoroughly but whilst the first lesson was definitely on her level (that was the sample I had read) it progressed way too fast for her into grammar that she had not covered before. Back to the drawing board and another order placed for which we are now waiting.

Due to Hannah’s therapy and Daniel’s work we only school 3 days a week. (Hannah has therapy on Thursday’s and Daniel does work experience on the farm, Thursday and Friday so a lot of going back and forth.) This past week, due to the psychiatrist on Wednesday, we only did two days but that was okay. Tuesday was a much better day and now everyone has some idea of what is expected of them. My aim is to do three long days thus covering a week’s worth of work. Caleb really dislikes trying new things so when faced with all his new school work he was not too happy. However once I sat down and started going through it with him, he realized it was more than doable and he was more than able. Last year was a rough year, school-wise, with Hannah and ABC Photo Art at The Mill. I am truly hoping for a much more successful and smoother one this year.

As for what else is going on, I have kept to my determination of not getting overly busy and stressed. Yes, these last 10 days have been very busy but we have also had our down times. I have still done a lot of cooking so we are eating well. Due to that we didn’t get out to Southern Gospel Picnic as much as we would normally. In fact all we saw were Legacy Five and the Booth Brothers (pictured above). It was good to catch up with old friends though on those two evenings and we made some new ones.

The weather has been S-T-E-A-M-Y! Goodness gracious, with the humidity today we got to 100F! I’m not sure if we are breaking records or not but I am SO thankful for air conditioning! That doesn’t mean we have been sat in doing nothing. Far from it but it is SO nice to come back into the cool. In all honesty I am not complaining either as I would much rather have this than the rain and destruction of hurricane Dorian. Our thoughts and prayers are with those in the Bahamas and along the coast of the USA and now Canada who are now suffering from his destructive path.

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  1. Janet Sisk says:

    Glad you made it home safe. Back to school time was never easy with all the changes that come with it. We dodged a bullet with Dorian. We got rain and wind, but no major damage or power outages where we live. The NC coast is a disaster though. Some of them were still dealing with the effects of last years storms.

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