MT – Day 44 – Whitefish Depot

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The truck was in need of a service earlier this week before we started our trek home. The nearest Ram dealership was in Whitefish so we all headed in that direction on Tuesday morning. They had told us to leave it with them all day so we had made plans to explore Whitefish. The dealership has a shuttle service so a nice gentleman dropped us down at the Whitefish Train Depot per our request.

Did you know that the Whitefish Depot is the busiest Amtrak station on the line from Chicago to Seattle? Not only that, there are many freight trains going through. We knew Caleb would have a blast here as he has always loved trains. Here you can see them right up close. It really enforces how BIG (and long) these trains are. We spent a while here watching the trains etc. whilst we waited for the Stumptown Historical Museum, housed in the station, to open. The Stumptown Historical Society actually owns the entire building having purchased it from Burlington Northern Railroad in 1990 for $1 when they no longer wanted it. Thankfully these folks, including hundreds of volunteers,  stepped in to save and restore this beautiful piece of history.

The museum is FREE. If you are in Whitefish or nearby you want to make sure you stop here.

As we were leaving here, planning on heading elsewhere, we got the call to say the truck was ready. They had done the recall on it, replaced the in-cabin air filter and the engine air filter which they said was completely clogged! Oops! I am sure the truck feels much better now. With an extra half a day at our disposal we decided to return to Kalispell and catch up on other stuff. Sydnee and I had been playing games so she came over for Scrabble and later I went over there for Rummikub.



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  1. Janet Sisk says:

    Glad all is going so well on your trip. Praying for a safe trip home for you all.

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