MT – Day 36 – Tim’s Fish and Chips, Creston, BC

Here’s the picture you have all been waiting for when we visited Tim’s Fish and Chips:

This is just ONE plate of Cod and Chips. (Halibut is available but more expensive.) The three piece is actually SIX pieces with unlimited chips. The five of us ate THREE plates – 18 pieces of fish and the chips. We did not need to ask for anymore chips. Whilst not cheap (approx. $25 Canadian per plate) we were full to the brim and if went out to eat a proper meal elsewhere it would cost just as much, if not more.

There are a couple tables inside but we chose to sit outside as the weather was so beautiful. The parking lot is not big but does go all the way around. (This is not one that I would EVER venture to take the camper in! Hee!) There were customers coming and going the entire time we were there. If coming from the east, like us, you have to drive through town and start heading out the other side before seeing Tim’s on the right. Obviously if coming from the west it will be before the town on your left.

From Fort Steele, it took us approximately 1 1/2 hours. The scenery along the way is beautiful. Coming into Creston ALL the berry places were open. We could have stopped to pick blueberries, cherries and more. This is obviously a fertile crescent of sheltered land down in the valley as we were amazed at the number of Pick Your Own places there. Of course it was of no use to us as we would not have been allowed to take anything back across the border.

With full bellies it was time to search for chocolate! Creston is not a very big town so choices were limited. We went to one supermarket and in all honesty, their supply was not the best. HOWEVER we were in no place to bargain so purchased a selection for Michael and family, Michelle and us. Crunchies were on the top of Michael’s list and thankfully they had some.

From Creston we were miles from our original route so it was actually quicker to come down through Idaho and across into Kalispell. The deer were everywhere.

A good day had by all,



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  1. Norma Sorenson says:

    That fish looks delish. I love fish and chips. And love the awesome vacation you all are having.

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