MT – Day 23 – Hidden Lake Trail, Glacier National Park

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The day we drove to Logan Pass when we were camped by St. Mary on the east side, the rain was coming horizontally in sheets! It was miserable. Having done some more research and knowing how busy the parking is at Logan Pass, we deliberately left our visit there until later in the day actually arriving up there at 7pm.

This time we were driving from West Glacier. Someone had warned us that the road got really narrow in places and they were correct! Going by Lake McDonald and then the Trail of Cedars/Avalanche Lake congested area the road is a decent width and stays that way until you reach the Loop trail. By this time you have started to climb but you ain’t seen nothing yet, baby! Once you take that hairpin bend the road and the scenery begin to change as you continue to climb. I was driving and there is NO way I would do that section of road through the busyness of the day in the main tourist season. As you climb, on your right side you have a sheer drop and the other side is overhanging rock. Very easy to see why Glacier has the width, length and height restrictions! Even more incredible, actually it blows my mind, is the fact that they originally built this road in 1932! Talk about a feat of engineering!

The views are AMAZING! The going was slow but we made it. We had come to Logan Pass to do the Hidden Lake Trail located behind the Visitor’s Center. At this time of night there was plenty of parking but still quite a few people on this very popular trail.

IMPORTANT TO NOTE that this trail is in FULL sun, another good reason to do it of an evening. Yes, due to the elevation (6,647ft) it is cooler up here but that sun can still get to you. Whilst this trail is boardwalk or stone/gravel most of the way it is a TOUGH climb. The steps are high. (Coming down you do not want to run!) Beautiful scenery and the view at the overlook is most definitely worth it. If you are feeling adventurous you can take an even tougher walk down to the lake. We did not do that section!

From the overlook you can see Sperry Glacier on Gunsight Mountain.

Right in front of you is Bearhat Mountain. (See top photo.) Arriving just as the sun was beginning to go down behind the mountains the view was gorgeous:

Light above (left) to shadows below (right):

Caleb has been longing to touch some snow and here he got his opportunity:

Watch out for the mountain goats as you walk along. They seem to like it by the clumps of pine trees.

Whilst we did see a bighorn sheep on the walk the best view we had was when we got back to the parking area. This big fella was cleaning up the food left by visitors.

This is a MUST SEE when visiting Glacier National Park but take my advice and go later in the day or first thing in the morning. You’ll be glad you did.



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