The Gaetz Tractor Museum, College of the Ozarks

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Having to go down to the Post Office located on the grounds of the College of the Ozarks to get some passports renewed, we decided to also enjoy the gorgeous day and visit some of the FREE attractions available on the campus. Our first stop was the Gaetz Tractor Museum. Naturally there are vintage tractors to view!


That however is not all! What do you think of this two-headed cow?

Yes, this is real or at least was! This two-headed calf was born in the 70’s. Quite amazing.

From the tractor museum we walked down to the lake to see the swans. What magnificent creatures. As an aside, the myth that the Queen of England owns all the swans in England is just that, a myth. HOWEVER she or rather the British monarchy owns a good majority of them!

It was lovely to see the cygnets:

From here we went to Edwards Mill, the stained glass and candle shop, garden nurseries and the milking barn. College of the Ozarks is on a beautiful campus. Everything they do is top-notch. What we saw that day was just a very small portion. There’s a lot more here to see not to mention the Keeter Center which is a great place to eat.



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  1. Janet Sisk says:

    What a great day you all had! 😀

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