An afternoon walk by the lake :)

5 photos in this post.  

It was such a lovely day that after school and lunch we headed down to the lake. Last week, as many of you know, we had a LOT of rain so before heading on our walk we drove down to where we could see how much water is being let out of Table Rock Dam at the moment:

Wow! Yes, there is a lot of water being released.

We had a wonderful walk. Hovis met some people that she liked and made their day. (Hovis is very particular about who she will fly to. If she likes you, you are privileged!)

Caleb was in his element as there were numerous lizards sunning themselves on the trail. The ‘lizard vine’ had obviously not sent out the warning that Caleb was coming! This one sat on my leg for a while.

The same one also liked to play dead but Caleb is a little smarter than that!

Normally there are beach-like places where the kids can paddle and collect shells. ALL under water today as the lake is really high. That didn’t stop Hannah and Caleb from paddling though 🙂

Relaxing afternoon in the sun.



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