You never know….

…. what your day is going to bring!

We have friends here at Treasure Lake who have kids that Hannah and Caleb LOVE playing together with SO we have been doing some things together. Today, knowing it was going to rain, we decided to go to Splash Country, the indoor water park, when it opened this afternoon. Everyone had a blast. Even Michelle joined us.

Daniel got it into his head that he wanted to treat us to ice cream at the Cold Stone Creamery so once everyone had played enough we all got in our cars to head just down the street. Whilst it had rained a little, once we came out of the park, the thunder was really beginning to roll. As we pulled up into the parking lot the phone and radio sirens went off with a tornado warning! (A tornado watch had been in effect most of the day but you don’t need to worry about those.) A tornado warning is a little different! My friend decided the best place to shelter was the restaurant that was in the same area so we all filed in and spent an hour entertaining the kids in the bathroom. (Thank you to the manager who was extremely gracious. No, there were no other customers in there!) Daniel kept watch out the restaurant’s windows and even saw some rotation at one point. He was so intrigued, he didn’t video it. It was a nasty storm but we are all safe and sound for which we are very grateful. (A tornado did touch down elsewhere.)

Richard is working as a paramedic in Mansfield today. The storm and very heavy rain hit there a little later. Roads are covered in water but he says Hwy 60 is now passable. Yes, he is out in it!

Did we miss out on ice cream? No! With the storm passed we all walked over to Cold Stone and enjoyed our treat. Thanks Daniel 🙂



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