A New Era

No, don’t panic! We are not giving up our RV lifestyle BUT today did see a new era in our lives with Daniel starting work! Yes, at 15 he is ready to start earning and saving up some money. Today he spent his first day not working for us but rather working with a good friend of ours on a local farm. Bruce has a wealth of practical knowledge that he can impart to Daniel. When the farm owner asked Bruce to take down a big building, Bruce knew he would need some help and thought of Daniel who helped him put the inner roof on our cargo trailer. Both Richard and I are excited for this new step in Daniel’s life knowing that with some good, solid practical skills under his belt he will never lack for work if proves himself and works hard. The outdoor pool at Treasure Lake opens next week and Daniel will also be doing some lifeguarding there thus adding another skill to his repertoire.

Daniel said his first day on the farm went well with a variety of jobs being done. Of course he is no stranger to farm life having spent the first 14 years of his life on one!

Here’s to some greater independence,


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  1. Learning life skills is so important for young adults. Congratulations to your family! (It was a pleasure to find you via Money Saving Mom.)

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