Back to strollers :)

Hey all!

Trust you all had a great weekend & for those of you in the USA I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Knowing that more children were planned for the Pomeroy household we have kept all the much needed supplies for babies! This past summer I had gone through all the clothes we had & boxed it into ages & boy/girl. What I didn’t want I donated to the Salvation Army. SO when we got the call last Saturday about Caleb I was able to pull the right box out pretty quickly & take stuff with us. We bought two new strollers (we call them pushchairs) when Daniel was born. One is a big jogging stroller that we use to walk in the field etc but Caleb needs to be a little older before we can put him in that – it is not designed for newborns. The other one is a regular stroller. When I took that out on Wednesday morning it was FILTHY! Hannah had pretty much “greased” it – YUK! Thankfully I found the instructions & so Richard & I figured out how to take all the covers off & they headed into the wash. It took two washings to get it clean but now Caleb has a “new” pushchair to go in when needed.

Thanksgiving Day was good for us. Michael came late morning & we had a big Thanksgiving lunch. Then in the afternoon we headed to friends for a couple hours.
The weather has been very mild here so on Friday we were able to go into Chinook for the Parade of Lights & photos with Santa etc. Here’s a pic of Daniel & Caleb with Santa. Hannah would not go anywhere near him!


Saturday Michelle & I went to see New Moon – a very good movie. Yesterday we headed up north to friends for more food & cards so we have been quite the socialites these last few days.
Today Caleb went for his first doctor’s visit. He now weighs 8lb 2ozs. He has been off of his oxygen ALL day & is doing well. We will put it back on tonight when we go to bed as Richard & I would never sleep.  Caleb is feeding every 4 hours & is now drinking about 3 ozs so that is good.

I did it again with the Azure order! I have been ordering cabbages for several months & I NEVER get them, which is really annoying so this month I decided to order two boxes – one green, one red thinking that I may at least get one. BUT I also said that probably now I would get both. Well you guessed it, it all arrived this morning & we now have 80lbs of cabbages in the hallway 🙂 I took 6 up to the neighbor this afternoon. We do like to eat cabbage but I think I will have to dehydrate some also as I don’t think we will manage to eat that many in a month. They are VERY good though & the kids eat them like candy, picking off a leaf at a time.
Now some farm news – I didn’t milk Tulip on Thursday morning as she had disappeared when Richard went to feed her on Wednesday evening so he couldn’t separate her from the calves. Kinda hard to see a black cow in the dark! LOL! When we went down on Friday morning she was in a foul mood. Got her into the barn & cleaned up but she was dancing & going. Guess what?! Yep the first squirt from one of her teats showed me she had mastitis! Darn it! Thankfully it was only in one quarter & we had obviously caught it early as she did not have it on Wednesday. She is better now & I will start milking again on Wednesday. We’re very blessed to have friends who milk their cow & they get WAY more milk than we do so always have plenty to spare.

Hope you have a fabulous week,


3 Responses to “Back to strollers :)”

  1. SueB says:

    Very handsome boys, Liz. I have a great recipe for cabbage rolls if you ever want it. Glad to hear you have been enjoying some social time – you deserve it.

  2. Jackie says:

    Daniel is very handsome indeed – baby Caleb is so adorable!

  3. Jan Scholl says:

    If anyone ever cracks the cabbage soup recipe from Big Boy, I will be very happy. I could live on it forever. Cabbage was not something I grew up on oddly, and along with Brussel Sprouts is now a mainstay for me. I did not find my rutabaga in the stores tho. My gramma ate that many times a week in Scotland and I have even made cake and brownies using it. We vegetarians tend to really play with our food, as I have made browinies using black beans instead of flour. Iwonder what Santa wants for dinner? I have 15 bean soup simmering at 3AM.

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