A race well run!

I was up EARLY yesterday morning (3:30am) and as I was heading to work, Richard had left the radio on a news talk channel which reminded me that it was Queen Elizabeth’s funeral day. In the blur of getting up at an unnatural hour, I had temporarily forgotten! HOWEVER getting up that early turned out to be a blessing. I was able to watch the ENTIRE proceedings, something I would never have had time... read more

Can 40 years really go by that fast?!

Yes it can! No, Richard and I have not been married that long…yet BUT a few weekends back we went to see ET at the IMAX. It was the 40th anniversary. ET actually came out the year before we met but I LOVED that movie and had the transfers on my roller skates and guitar case. I don’t have the roller skates anymore but do still have the guitar case. We are told that life goes by in the blink of... read more