Crazy Golf on a Sunday evening

Two photos in this post. Just like most of the rest of the country we are under a “Stay-at’home” order. HOWEVER, that doesn’t mean that we cannot get out and about for which I am SO thankful. Whilst the main buildings, including the game room, are shut here at Treasure Lake, Caleb was blessed last year to find six golf clubs and numerous golf balls by one of the dumpsters. (Someone... read more

Torrential Rain

Two photos in this post. We have sat and watched the rain POURING down today. (It has rained substantially over the last few days.) In the short breaks between bands the kids went out and inevitably came back in soaked when the heavens opened again. The dehumidifier has been running all day. Thankfully it has not been cold so when the the rain finally eased this evening the first job was to clean Hovis... read more

A Change of Scenery

3 photos in this post Time to move for the first time this year. (For the winter we are allowed to stay in one spot to make life easier and not have to move in the freezing weather!) Moving meant time for more cleaning. I literally cleaned the camper inside from floor to ceiling! Actually I started with the ceilings and worked down from there. Yes, just like any home the ceiling needs cleaning one to two... read more

More cleaning and thieves of the four legged kind!

There is no such thing as a thin squirrel around here! NOR are they shy! As well as cleaning and reorganizing our cargo trailer this past week, I have also been cleaning out our large storage compartment. On a side note I absolutely LOVE the amount of storage our Open Range has. Whilst we do live what most would consider a minimalistic lifestyle, storage space is still essential. We purchase much of our... read more

Shelves :)

I realize that not everyone gets excited about new shelves but I am doing the happy dance! We had boxes and stuff piled from floor to ceiling in the V of our cargo trailer. Not only was it dangerous, it was a total pain if we needed something! SO this past weekend I decided it was time to get shelves. If you know me, when I get an idea I want to get it accomplished immediately! Richard did not have the... read more