Fritz’s Adventure

8 pictures in this post. For Caleb’s 10th birthday a couple weeks ago, he wanted to go to Fritz’s Adventure here in Branson. This was an attraction we had talked about often but never been. It is actually pretty cool with lots of different activities for the kids to partake/climb in. Caleb LOVED the plane suspended from the ceiling above. To get to it one way you have to go through this wire... read more

Do you need sleds and snow to sled?

3 photos in this post. Nope! Yesterday morning, when we stopped for a school break, we observed that workmen were putting new washers and dryers in the laundromat. Guess what those came in? HUGE boxes. I suggested to Caleb that he go ask the man outside if he could have the boxes once unloaded. Caleb and his friend have no qualms about dumpster diving so it was not very many minutes before Caleb came back... read more

Critters Galore

7 pictures in this post! Caleb LOVES critters of all kinds! Yes, even snakes but don’t panic. There are no snake pictures in this post 🙂 Hard to believe that he will be 10 on Saturday! Ever wondered what it would be like to have eyes on your back? Well, this grasshopper certainly looked like he did. Great for fooling those predators! Lizards/skinks are some of his favorites: Fish are not unwanted... read more

Settled for Winter

3 photos in this post. As many of you know, during the spring, summer and fall here at Treasure Lake we have to move sites (camping spots) regularly. That all changes when winter hits i.e. November. Due to campers being responsible for their own faucet, not to mention the park being a lot less crowded, and it not being very pleasant to move in freezing temperatures, we get to stay on one site. Today was... read more