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A walnut cracking Hovis

Not only has it been fruit season here but the nuts have also been ripening. A neighbor gave the children a VERY large bag of fresh walnuts and hazelnuts! Yum! Up until now Hovis’ beak has not been strong enough to crack open nuts although she enjoys shelled nuts every day. That is no longer true! At nearly 7 months old she LOVES to receive a whole walnut and get to cracking it herself! Yes, that... read more

Fall is here in all its beauty

Okay so I missed the most vibrant colors of this tree. Last week the fall/autumnal colors were absolutely stunning but I didn’t take any pictures! It then rained over the weekend along with the wind blowing like mad so I was sure when we got up on Sunday morning that there would be no leaves left on the trees. Wrong and the above picture proves it! Although it was cool for a couple days it has now... read more

Caleb and Hovis Take 2!

Two pictures in this post. It had been raining, in fact it was still drizzling when Caleb and Hovis were out playing. Hovis LOVES the rain. Richard had been outside with her for quite a while but Caleb wanted to continue playing so he came inside. A VERY short while later Caleb comes in crying saying that he had slipped on a wet log which in turn had scared Hovis so that she had flown off again! Yes,... read more

Hovis at the Continental Divide :)

2 photos in this post. Traveling from West Thumb to Old Faithful takes you over the Continental Divide not once but twice! Yes, the Continental Divide actually loops up and back down again in a few short miles. Stopping at the western one by Isa Lake we got out to look at all the lily pads. Quite surprised to see them at this high of an elevation. Some visitors got quite a surprise to see Hovis! They got... read more

A hitching post for Hovis?

Hee! Hope you enjoy this photo taken this morning! Hovis can be quite photogenic at times: This picture reminded me of the hitching posts for horses. Hovis is nearly 5 months old now and looking scraggly. She is molting, still getting rid of those baby feathers. Her bright red head feathers are just beginning to show but you have to look closely. Amazing how much more vivid they are than her juvenile... read more

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