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A LONG day in the ER

I spent 8 1 /2 hours in the ER today! No, there was nothing physically wrong with me! Over the years I have shared some of Hannah’s story with you. Since the beginning of the year both us, her therapists and psychiatrist have seen Hannah going backwards rather than forwards in her behavior patterns. It has been extremely frustrating for all involved. Hannah knows how to behave. She has an amazing... read more

Hannah Update 1.1

6 months post diagnosis, I thought it was time to give you an update. Hannah has been in weekly therapy in order to help her learn better social skills and the importance of making the right choices. Her therapist is young and enthusiastic, here in Branson and Hannah loves to visit her each week. Has this been an easy 6 months? NO! When we first started seeing the therapist, Hannah was deliberately... read more

ASD – Autism Spectrum Disorder

We have always known Hannah was “special needs”. In fact, before she was born and placed in our arms, we were sent on a training course on how to handle some of the issues that might come up. Naturally we prayed that the genetics, alcohol etc. would not affect her. Never wanting to medicate, Richard and I just dealt/lived with the issues that came up. I am not going to go into all the issues... read more

Photo Shoot – Hannah

Hannah is now 8 years old and very tall like her birthmother. She loves to be photographed so this was no hardship for her 🙂 The only hard part was brushing her hair, something she does not like to do! On the tire swing: With Caleb on the stile: Getting a hug from Richard (She is very much a daddy’s girl!): Another one on the tire:   All our adoptions have been open thus far but contact varies... read more

Hannah’s 8th birthday :)

Celebrating with Hannah is not always easy. Due to her emotional issues she can get VERY wound a few days before an event and then have a total meltdown on the actual day that is supposed to be the happiest! SO this year we did not mention her coming birthday very much at all. One “kind” stranger at a pool one day did let Hannah know her birthday was so many days away when she told him the... read more

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