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Caleb’s First Tooth :)

I was on the phone earlier to Caleb’s birthmom & during the conversation I brought up the fact that Caleb still had not cut any teeth. He’s our slowest baby ever for that – all our other kids have had their first teeth at 4mths old. Caleb is 7mths old. Well just a few minutes later, Caleb was sat on my lay & the side of my finger happen to go into his mouth & guess what I... read more

Back to strollers :)

Hey all! Trust you all had a great weekend & for those of you in the USA I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Knowing that more children were planned for the Pomeroy household we have kept all the much needed supplies for babies! This past summer I had gone through all the clothes we had & boxed it into ages & boy/girl. What I didn’t want I donated to the Salvation Army. SO when... read more

Caleb Alexander

Hey folks! We got home this afternoon, 72 hours after leaving here Saturday afternoon. Daniel & Hannah were VERY pleased to see us as was Michelle. All are very impressed with their new brother. It’s been a long 3 days. We arrived in Billings Saturday evening & then Sunday morning met the social worker, Linda, and the birthmum for the first time. Both are very sweet people. After talking... read more

It’s a BOY!

We received a call from the social worker earlier this morning to ask if we would be willing to take a “legal risk” baby that was born last Monday – Nov 16th. The legal risk is that the birthfather does not want to sign over his rights but the lawyer is confident that the court will terminate his rights due to the circumstances. Of course our answer was YES! The social worker was going... read more

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