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Roasted Purple Potatoes

As well as the “regular” potatoes we grew this year we also grew a few purple potatoes. We had never tasted them before so yesterday we were eager to see if they tasted any different. Mash potatoes seem to be a “staple” over here in the USA whereas in England & the rest of Europe, although eaten there are also many other ways that they are prepared & enjoyed. We love oven... read more

Cucumbers & Patty Pans

With our garden not producing as much as we would like this year, when we got a phone call from the neighbor asking if we wanted some cucumbers & squash the answer was a resounding “YES!” (We have been getting about 1 cucumber & zucchini a week!) Her grandson brought us over two half full garbage bags 🙂 SO I immediately set to work on the cucumbers, slicing & salting them ready for... read more

23 Pints of Apple Sauce

Once all the animals were fed this morning & we had had breakfast, Michelle & I started making Apple Sauce. The 10 gallons of apples made 23 pts which was good as many of the apples had to have bad bits cut out of them. Once again, what a blessing! More free fruit 🙂 The pigs are not complaining either with their rotten ones each morning. Happy Monday, Liz read more

Raining appples :)

LOL! We got a call from our friends, Marcus & Pat, this evening to say that their apples were falling off their tree & so if we wanted to come pick some we were more than welcome. Off we went! Yes, I know it is WAY too early for apples BUT this weather is SO crazy the poor fruit is ripening early & dropping. There were loads & loads of already rotting ones on the ground so we cleaned all... read more

Blackberries from friends

This afternoon we were invited down to pick blackberries at the people’s house that own the 5 acres next to us. We picked 2 gallons in just a few short minutes. What a blessing! Their blackberries are huge! Look at the difference in size between theirs (left) & a wild one (right). This Fall we are going to have to move our blackberries that we planted this year & actually build a row like... read more

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