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Transporting the ewe lambs!

With Cybele’s lambs being 8 weeks old yesterday it was time for them to go to their new home today. Cybele has done an excellent job but is looking a little thin so her daughters needed to say “goodbye.”   Not having the truck anymore made transporting them a little tricky but being ever inventive we managed. They were only going 7 miles down the road and we tied the back up after taking... read more

Twin Ewe Lambs from Cybele :)

A few days ago we noticed that Cybele had quite a big bag. This morning as Richard went out to the barn to feed the animals, I was outside taking photos and thought I heard lambs baaing. Out comes Richard from the barn a few seconds later shouting “Two lambs!” They had only just been born – still covered in yuck and trying to find their feet. Two big ewe lambs! It was not that warm this... read more

Tubing a lamb

We may not be farming much these days but we do still help out where needed. A couple weeks ago, Richard and Daniel went castrate a young bull for someone that we had sold some Milking Devon breeding stock to a while back. Yesterday I received a call from a friend asking if we had any colostrum. We did have some at one point but neither Richard nor I could put our hands on it! The friend’s ewe had... read more

A Productive Morning

Just like us, I am sure you get some days where you feel that you have been way more productive than others. Well this morning was one of those “days” for us. A few days ago, when discussing what we were going to cook for Christmas lunch, we decided on fresh lamb. (No you are not looking at the ‘butchered” lambs in the picture. I took this pic after the deed 🙂 ) Richard is an... read more

You want something?!

Miss Iris 🙂 This gal just turned 6 in June! For the time being, she is going to stay here with Cybele who is as round as a bus but not produced any lambs yet! Liz read more

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