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The news gets worse :(

Oh boy! The garage called today to tell us that the engine on the truck is completely shot! You faithful readers will remember that Ford only put a new engine in it last September! An engine should last more than 60,o00 miles! What to do now? Well the garage have a call in to Ford to see if they will cover the cost of repair which is going to be at least $5000! Apparently the Lifter did fail/get stuck... read more

Still stuck in Youngstown, OH!

After I had posted last night I received a call from the Ford garage saying that all had seemed fine with what they had done to fix the truck when in the shop but when they took it on a test drive as soon as it warmed up it did exactly the same thing as before! SO they were thinking that it was now one of the “Lifters.” This morning when I talked to them they were quite confident that they... read more


Well we thought Monday was eventful & slow! Hah! That was before today ­čÖé Left the hotel in Du Bois, PA around 9:45am. Had to go buy breakfast & then buy some hay for the goats & horse I have on board. We had picked them all up yesterday but in the rush at the end had forgotten to pick up the bale of hay! Finally on the road for proper around 10:45. Truck was acting a little strange but I... read more

Customs, Borders & Rush Hour!

What a threesome! I know I still have lots to share with you from last week but thought I would give you a little update on today whilst it was still fresh in my mind. I LOVE getting stuck in rush hour traffic, NOT! Last Monday we managed to plan it so that we hit the outskirts of Los Angeles in rush hour – was not too bad but still….┬áToday we got caught right in the middle of Toronto’s... read more

Mad River, California plus Grizzly Creek Redwoods State Park

How many of you have ever driven the road (Rt 36) from Susanville through to Red Bluff & then onto Eureka? The road from Susanville to Red Bluff is fine – a little windy but nothing major. But then the road changes! It took us 3 hours to drive the┬á100 miles from Red Bluff to Mad River. Mad River is a little community way, way in the mountains. It’s official population is 35. I had to drive... read more

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