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New Mexico & Arizona

Having never been to these two states before we weren’t exactly sure what to expect. (Michelle had been to AZĀ  previously traveling thru to Mexico for a mission’s trip.) Obviously we knew that these were arid states but I have to be honestĀ  I was not expecting so much brown especially in Arizona – not a blade of grass to be seen anywhere unless there was irrigation present. WOW! SO back... read more

LOL! Miss AmyJo

The last you heard from me I was headed to PA on Saturday morning. Well we got a call early that morning to go pick up AmyJo from North Carolina, a rescue dog that needed a transport to Wisconsin. Off we went. AmyJo was supposedly 9 weeks pregnant & had been diagnosed with Heartworm so a C-section had been scheduled up in WI. Apparently stress can really aggravate Heartworm so they didn’t want... read more

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