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MT – Day 52 – Back in Branson :)

5,356 miles, averaging 8.7 mpg. We made it home and boy, are we glad to sit still for a few days and not have to be on the road 🙂 It truly was a good trip. Coming back to the humidity down here made us very glad that we spent the summer out west. I could reminisce some more but you have already read the blog posts so I don’t need to put you to sleep. The picture below of Caleb and Chewie was taken... read more

MT – Day 50 – Honeycreek State Park – Nope! Oops!

When I plan our trips I always use Google Maps so I can figure out exactly how many miles between each stop and the best route etc. We are Passport America members so I do my best to use campgrounds that support that as it gives us 50% off. Alas, through Montana on our way home, there were none on our route so it was not until South Dakota that we were able to make use of our membership. Refreshed after a... read more

MT – Day 41 – Plums!

2 photos in this post. Taking a trip to Glacier Produce again I was just coming out with a box of organic pears when another gentlemen was talking about soft fruit and heading to the left of the store outside where I had not even registered that there were boxes and boxes of produce! Figured I’d better go check it out and so glad I did! I got approximately 25lbs of plums for only $8! What a deal!... read more

MT – Day 40 – A roaring fire

Caleb and Easton LOVE playing with the bonfire, lighting it each day and putting wood on it for fuel. They spend their lives stinking! Jessie has been clearing out a LOT of old branches and trees for the landlords. Daniel has been happy to help cut up the wood. Richard and I have helped get it burned at times as there has been a lot and whilst piling it up like shown in the picture works, by moving it and... read more

MT – Day 38 – Stolen bike

We have had our bikes parked outside the camper ever since we arrived. Whilst we have ridden them a little, it has not been every day. On Wednesday, Richard decided to take Hovis on a bike ride. Not very many minutes later he came back saying he thought his bike had been stolen. Of course a search around the property began but to no avail. As I thought back, I know his bike was propped against the garage... read more

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