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An impromptu camp fire

Here’s a bonfire to warm you up:) Very relaxing to sit beside an open fire with friends. Liz read more

Biker Carmichael :)

Friends of ours stopped by the other day with their new toy. I just couldn’t resist taking a picture of Carmichael, their dog, strapped in with his helmet on. He doesn’t like to stay at home so is getting used to this new mode of transport. Carmichael has been riding in a basket on the back of their bicycles for a long time so this is not much different, just a little faster. We have known... read more

You know you live in Branson when……

… the Christmas lights for a display/drive-thru are put up on October 11th! Yes, the Christmas season will soon be here with ALL the lights being turned on on November 1st. The road behind Treasure Lake has a drive-thru display and as we went through that way last Friday we saw the folks all hard at work assembling it all. Of course it doesn’t look very impressive right now. Blessings,... read more

A gaggle of geese

2 photos in this post. When Caleb and Daniel went fishing this morning they discovered a gaggle of geese had arrived at the front pond. Whilst they do make a mess (good fertilizer), I love to see the wildlife around here. This afternoon Caleb, Hovis and I took a walk to see them. There were 28 geese by the pond. My guess is that they are taking a rest before heading farther south for the winter. They... read more

It’s been HOT!

Wow! Hard to believe that we have been back here for 10 days. We started school on Monday and it was ROUGH! Most of the curriculum I had planned and purchased worked except for Hannah’s literature/grammar. Oh my, I thought I had researched it thoroughly but whilst the first lesson was definitely on her level (that was the sample I had read) it progressed way too fast for her into grammar that she... read more

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