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Nope, we are NOT moving!

LOL! Are you wondering what in the world we are up to renting a Penske truck?! Earlier this year I shared with you how we had opened two booths in town. Those booths have performed WAY better than we ever expected. Approximately 3 weeks ago we were presented with an opportunity to EXPAND! With that in mind, we knew we needed somewhere bigger to be able to sort and price stock etc. You know us, once we set... read more

A “New to Us” set of wheels

How many of you RVers out there ever clean the tops of your slides? What about the ones that have slide toppers on? Earlier this week was moving day again for us and due to it being unseasonably cool I decided it was time to clean the slide tops! Now, we have FIVE, three of which have slide toppers on. (The other two are on the side with the awnings.) You would think that the ones with the toppers on... read more

Anyone home?

3 photos in this post As we were out walking we saw the above stone sat in the hollow of this tree. Couldn’t resist taking a picture. Even felt like knocking on the “door” but didn’t. The rain has moved on out of here and today was absolutely gorgeous – clear air with very little humidity. Caleb wanted to go metal detecting at Moonshine Beach on Table Rock Lake yesterday so... read more

Spring is here :)

Hey all! We all wish you a VERY blessed Easter wherever you may be. These may be crazy times that we are living in BUT some things NEVER change and that is God’s love for us. Jesus died on the cross for each one of us but the grave couldn’t keep him down. Aren’t you glad JESUS rose again?! The Bible has NEVER promised Christians a life of ease and relaxation, in fact quite the opposite... read more

Torrential Rain

Two photos in this post. We have sat and watched the rain POURING down today. (It has rained substantially over the last few days.) In the short breaks between bands the kids went out and inevitably came back in soaked when the heavens opened again. The dehumidifier has been running all day. Thankfully it has not been cold so when the the rain finally eased this evening the first job was to clean Hovis... read more

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