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Totally Amazing!

I had told you in an earlier post that we had to have a “new” engine put in the Suburban earlier this week. Well, we got a call from the mechanic last evening to say that the Suburban was all ready for us to pick up! That was less than 48 hours after Richard had first taken it to him! Wow! When Richard asked him why it was so fast he said that when he had heard that it was our only vehicle he... read more

While the turkeys strut, we work!

LOL! All those Tom turkeys do all day is gobble and strut their stuff. In between them all was a chicken resting in the shade:) Good job Richard and I are not like the Toms else nothing would get done around here! We had an enjoyable couple days away and came back determined to do get some “house work” done! Richard wrote a long list last week of stuff that we wanted/needed to accomplish here.... read more

The turkeys are flirting!

All winter the male turkeys ignore the females which is true of wild ones or domesticated! HOWEVER come spring and all those toms do is strut around all day dragging their wings, lifting their tail feathers and gobbling! They are SO funny to watch. We thought we had more females but it turns out that last year’s babies were all males. We now have 6 toms and only 2 hens! (Poor girls!) This morning... read more

The geese say it is spring!

I know for some of you it does not feel like spring yet and we actually still have snow on the ground here too! HOWEVER when the geese start laying then that means spring is here, despite what the weather may tell you otherwise! Found one of the geese guarding these two eggs earlier this week. I did not take them from her until she had left the nest! The eggs were cold and it is a little early to let them... read more

A comfortable perch :)

I know we are not the only ones to get dumped on with snow again! Hope you are all staying warm. It was 4F (-15C) here this morning but thankfully the sun is shining. I realize that some of you are WAY colder and really longing for this winter to be over. SO glad we cut that wood last weeks – just keep stocking up the fire and keeping it roaring. On another note, most mornings when I head out to the... read more

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