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October 1st – Wow!

Hard to believe with temps in the 80’s that it is October 1st today! It is HOT out there and in here but we are going to enjoy it as there are supposed to be thunder storms coming in and the temps are going to drop a little so this may be the last day in the 80’s that we see this year. I was speaking to my brother in England earlier as it is his birthday today and he was saying that he too was... read more

Turkey Mama

As I was calling Hannah and Caleb in for school this morning they came running across the yard yelling, “Chicks! Chicks!” Mrs. Turkey had ‘disappeared’ a while ago. She had been broody earlier this summer but nothing came of it. Now she has hatched out 6 adorable little chicks. I know they are not turkeys but at least she has done a good job with what she had. We gave all six... read more

Chickies :)

When we returned home the other week from Branson, a red hen had hatched out four chicks, two of which are turkens (naked necks). You can only see three chicks in this picture as the little black one is hiding somewhere. I love to watch therm out with their mama learning how to scratch the ground etc. One day this week Caleb and Hannah came running in saying there was a chick hatching: Great excitement!... read more

Cheep, cheep, cheep!

I was a couple hours late feeding the chickens this morning as it was absolutely pouring it down! As the chickens roam free, delaying “breakfast” really doesn’t affect them! After throwing out some grain, I went searching for eggs as I usually do and was suddenly conscious of a “cheep, cheep, cheep!” We have several hens setting right now but this sounded louder than a chick... read more

Life as a chicken around here!

If you are a chicken around here, you are not going to have much peace. They make great companions for the children and it is not unusual to see one of more of them with a chicken in their arms and even jumping with them on the trampoline! The one shown above, is Black Banty and is everyone’s favorite. She is very tolerant of the kids always carrying her around and hence is very friendly. Not sure... read more

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