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A Hard Day

Today was an emotionally draining day for Richard & I. Why?  Taking the calves & Douglas to the Sale Barn went completely against the grain. Why so bad you ask when you sell so many animals each year? Today was very different. Normally when we sell animals we know who we are selling to & that the animals are headed to good homes. Today, who they were sold to was completely out of our hands.... read more

Moving Calves & Feeding the Rams

Had to bring the calves up this afternoon ready to go to the Sale Barn next week. We hate to do this but if we are not going to be here to eat them then there is absolutely no sense in feeding them all winter. They were pretty easy to move up & now are enjoying some hay. We have advertised them on Craigslist but if they do not sell privately then off they will go. Once the calves were moved we took... read more

Which would you rather eat?!

Happy Thanksgiving to those of you reading this here in the USA. Our Royal Palm turkey was GOOD & there is plenty left over for pie tomorrow & something else the day after. Along with roast potatoes and bread sauce we had organic carrots, fresh brussel sprouts & broccoli. All rather yummy! NO pumpkin pie here – the roast meal was more than enough to fill us all. I have a confession to... read more

Happy cows :)

Now that the grass is growing again we are trying to move the four big cows (Douglas, Lady Longlashes, Duchess & Millie) to new pasture every 3-4 days so as to allow the grass some time to recover in the rest time. I know it is not perfect, every day would be better with a rest period of 28 days but we only have four cow pastures right now & to divide them up even smaller would require us having... read more

Darn Meatball!

Every bull calf we have ever had born on the farm, both here in Missouri & in Montana, has always had to be weaned from his mother early due to being too rough on his mother’s teats! One morning last week I noticed a tiny mark on one of Duchess’ teats. Thought it was maybe a fly bite so didn’t think too much about it. The next morning however, there were the classic sighs –... read more

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