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Pregnant Miss Bella

Taking pictures of Bella is hard as she rarely sits still. She still has her petite figure as you can see here but does definitely have bulging sides plus her mammary glands are filling up. Here’s another one: Now in this next one you can definitely see the bulge 🙂 The dogs live in the heated garage but for the whelping & a few weeks after we are going to bring her into the utility room –... read more


OK so I lied about fencing if the temps were below freezing! Saturday morning the sun was shining but there was a nasty east wind out there & we have not seen temps above freezing since. In fact for the first part of the week we had freezing fog – just lovely. Whoever does the weather forecast for Chinook obviously does not live here as it was supposed to be in the 40’s all week! Yeah... read more

Poor Bella…..

… has a new name. Peg Leg! Yes Bella somehow managed to break a bone in her foot. It is not a bad break, we have no idea how she did it but she still has to be in a cast for 6 weeks. The vet said we needed to keep her as quiet as possible. We just laughed. That dog is still running around, maybe not as much but she she is still active. BE WARNED! If you are afraid of snakes do not look down... read more

Bella Goes to Town

That sounds like a book title, doesn’t it. On Saturday one of the restaurants in town was changing hands & were supposed to be saying “goodbye” with free hotdogs & burgers. The big guys were away so Michelle & I thought we would walk into town & get free lunch. The weather was glorious – up in the 70’s. We have quite a long driveway so have to always tell... read more

Say hello to “Chuck”

Well I know I promised you this info yesterday but…. Bossy finally had her calf on Saturday afternoon out under a tree in a rainstorm! She is a very proud mama. This first picture of Chuck – yes she had a boy – was taken a few minutes after Michael had carried up to the barn so he could dry off. Chuck had his first halter on on Sunday & he was NOT happy! BUT I won the battle. He may... read more

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