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Jake & Bella

As most of you know Jake & Bella are proud parents of 8 adorable puppies but I have never shown you good pics of Jake. We took these when Jake was here & whilst Bella still had her slim figure 🙂 Getting Jake to stand still or even look partially “proper” was impossible but as you can see he is quite the good looker. He is a lot bigger than Bella. Here’s another one: Bella on... read more

4 days old – 8 very content puppies :)

Bella and puppies are doing really well. Whoever is looking for well socialized puppies with good motherly instincts, these are the puppies are you 🙂 Bella, although watchful, allows anyone to pick her pups up & will not leave their side unless we make her go outside for a bathroom break. Richard made her a whelping box but she prefers to lie against the utility room door so things are going to get... read more

8 Live & 1 Stillborn

I think Bella is done as it has been an hour now since #9 which was a girl but stillborn. There are 8 live puppies – 5 boys & 3 girls. They are all doing well & the oldest ones already have very fat little tummies 🙂 Bella is doing really well with them. Liz read more

Three boys & 2 girls so far :)

Bella is doing great. The births are easy for her & the puppies are latching on right away. Jake’s owners (the puppies dad) are on their way over to look. Will post more pics later tonight when we have a final count. Liz read more

The first puppy :)

It has been crasily busy here today with getting orders out so in all honesty we haven’t been checking on Bella. I had finished packing & was in the kitchen doing some dishes when all of a sudden I saw Bella running across the yard with a puppy in her mouth! Mad dash to get her in. Puppy was licked off but Bella is a little worried right – I guess she’s not sure what is happening.... read more

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