Lookout Pass

We left Idaho on Monday morning in the pouring rain! Richard, knowing that we would likely hit snow on Lookout Pass on the Idaho/Montana border, decided he would drive as he felt that everyone would be happier that way 🙂 (I drive a little faster than him!) As we started climbing the pass on the Idaho side the snow plows had done a fantastic job. (Earlier in the morning chains had been required.) However... read more

Thanksgiving and Christmas all rolled into one!

3 photos in this post. Not being able to be in Idaho for Thanksgiving and Christmas we decided to celebrate early. On Saturday we had everyone here for Roast Turkey etc. Yes, the oven in this fifth wheel was actually big enough to cook a 13lb turkey! VERY exciting! Christmas crackers were also on the menu. Fun! Here is Renzi pulling hers: Of course with the crackers came the traditional hats and gifts... read more

A walnut cracking Hovis

Not only has it been fruit season here but the nuts have also been ripening. A neighbor gave the children a VERY large bag of fresh walnuts and hazelnuts! Yum! Up until now Hovis’ beak has not been strong enough to crack open nuts although she enjoys shelled nuts every day. That is no longer true! At nearly 7 months old she LOVES to receive a whole walnut and get to cracking it herself! Yes, that... read more

Snow is falling ….

…. as are the temperatures! Thankfully this part of Idaho doesn’t really get cold until after Christmas but snow has been falling on and off since Friday. The roads coming back from Coeur d’Alene last evening required us to be in 4 wheel drive and even then we went into a skid at one point when we had to avoid a vehicle that had come across the road and into the ditch! The picture above... read more

It’s a hard life…..

….. but someone has to do it! LOL! These were the exact words Richard shared with an EMS work colleague back in Missouri yesterday along with this photo. Jess, myself and all the kids left Richard to make and grill burgers whilst we went pear picking and yes, we got quite a lot. The intention was to leave Michael some burgers to eat when he came home from work later that day but everyone, including... read more

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