MT – Day 29 – Apricots!

Whilst not a fan of fresh apricots we do like them dehydrated and have a couple recipes that use them. About 9 miles from Michael and Jessie’s, between Kalispell and Columbia Falls is a small store called Glacier Produce. There you can purchase fruit in bulk at very reasonable prices. I headed that way and brought home 40lbs of apricots and 40lbs of nectarines. (More on the nectarines later.)... read more

MT – Day 29 – Kayaking at Foys Lake

2 photos in this post. What a gorgeous lake! Whilst there is no beach and quite a steep climb to get down, it’s worth it! Here are Sydnee and Daniel. Yes the water really is this color! Why? The minerals in the glacial run-off. This lake is also not muddy. Jessie tells me that this lake is the non-tourist area. It was not crowded like many of the other lakes in this area. That is an island that you... read more

MT – Day 27 – Climbing Twin Falls!

6 photos in this post.     On an off-shoot of the Two Medicine Lake Trail you will see a signpost to Twin Falls. This is a GREAT short (.6 miles both ways) detour. By this time in our hike we were warm and the kids had been asking when they were going to get to swim. It was not long before they were in the water although not in quite such a dramatic way as Michael and Daniel. It didn’t make any... read more

MT – Day 27 – Two Medicine 9 Mile Hike!

8 photos in this post. Michael had been missing out on all our hikes due to working SO on Saturday we all headed over to Two Medicine which is on the eastern side of Glacier, just a few miles up from the east entrance. You drive past Lower Two Medicine Lake and then park by Two Medicine Lake. (Upper Two Medicine Lake is much farther on.) There is no Visitor’s Center here due to it being much less... read more

MT – Day 26 – Fixing the bathroom floor!

Yes, this trip has not been all fun and games. Richard continues to work on websites and remotely for Treasure Lake whilst also getting stuff fixed on the camper. It was not long after we got the camper (April 2017) that we noticed the bathroom floor was not as stable as it should be. There is a heating vent in line with the toilet and it is where everyone stands which would not be an issue if the... read more

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