A gaggle of geese

2 photos in this post. When Caleb and Daniel went fishing this morning they discovered a gaggle of geese had arrived at the front pond. Whilst they do make a mess (good fertilizer), I love to see the wildlife around here. This afternoon Caleb, Hovis and I took a walk to see them. There were 28 geese by the pond. My guess is that they are taking a rest before heading farther south for the winter. They... read more

A day on the farm

Two photos in this post. Daniel works on a local farm two days a week providing him with vital practical skills. He loves it although he comes back exhausted! One day this week Hannah had another 3 hour assessment that both Richard and I needed (wanted) to be there for so we asked our friends if Caleb could go to the farm for the morning. When we texted them to say we were finished they asked if Caleb... read more

It’s been HOT!

Wow! Hard to believe that we have been back here for 10 days. We started school on Monday and it was ROUGH! Most of the curriculum I had planned and purchased worked except for Hannah’s literature/grammar. Oh my, I thought I had researched it thoroughly but whilst the first lesson was definitely on her level (that was the sample I had read) it progressed way too fast for her into grammar that she... read more

MT – Day 52 – Back in Branson :)

5,356 miles, averaging 8.7 mpg. We made it home and boy, are we glad to sit still for a few days and not have to be on the road 🙂 It truly was a good trip. Coming back to the humidity down here made us very glad that we spent the summer out west. I could reminisce some more but you have already read the blog posts so I don’t need to put you to sleep. The picture below of Caleb and Chewie was taken... read more

MT – Day 51 – Back in Missouri

Not quite home yet but in the right state! We have done well on this trip and not eaten out once! Each morning I have cooked a meal to eat on the road. Most times we have been able to find a decent rest area to take a few minutes breather and enjoy stretching our legs as well as satisfying our stomachs. LOVE the Missouri Welcome Center Rest Area as you come down I-29 as there is a small park so Hannah and... read more

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