Grand Canyon, 20 mile bike ride – Day 2 of 4

7 photos in this post  Deciding that we needed to cycle some of the Grand Canyon, specifically Hermits Rest, after a relaxing morning it was time to head out again. (I should admit that this was my, Liz’s, idea!) We did not bring our bikes with us on this trip as we didn’t think we would need them nor have we yet found a way to transport them with this new rig. That meant that we needed to... read more

Grand Canyon by train – Day 1 of 4

7 photos in this post   Spending four days at the Grand Canyon was FABULOUS! Each day we went to a different area using a different mode of transport. Instead of trying to cram it all in one post, I have decided to share each day with you in four separate ones. The “reveal” will happen on Day 3 as the person we were surprising arrived that day having no clue we would also be there. Last... read more

Mandarin Beauty Chinese Restaurant in Holbrook, AZ

Very rarely do I rave or blog about an eating place but this restaurant deserves it. As I began thinking of our day traveling from Albuquerque into Arizona and more specifically about visiting the Petrified Forest my memory was jogged. I remembered that the kids and I had eaten at a REALLY GOOD Chinese Restaurant in Holbrook, AZ after leaving the national park. The thoughts of cooking on the road that day... read more

Big Rig Accessibility – Dog parks and more

As I have shared in the past our new rig is approximately 60′ total in length (truck and fifth wheel together). That makes for some interesting parking at times and certainly does not allow us access to all gas/diesel stations. SO as we take this trip I am going to share some of the great places we find along the way. Not every one as that would get boring but the ones that are extra ordinary and... read more

Petrified Forest, Arizona

7 photos in this post  Michelle, Daniel, Hannah and I first visited the Painted Desert and Petrified Forest in 2011. Last week was Richard’s first trip so I drove, allowing him to soak in all the sights. For those reading this who are fulltime RVers or just touring, it is possible and practical to pull a big rig through this national park. I did it with our 60′ rig AND took most of the scenic roads... read more

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