About Us

Entire Family, October 2016


Cornish Heritage Ventures is owned by Richard & Liz Pomeroy. Why the name Cornish Heritage Ventures? We are originally from the county of Cornwall in England so ‘Cornish’ is our ‘Heritage’.  The ‘Ventures’  came about as life is definitely an adVENTURE here & we never know what we are going to get into next. Our life is definitely not what some folks would call “normal” but we wouldn’t have it any other way 🙂

At this time we, Richard & Liz have been married for 29 years & have 5 children, a daughter in law and three grand children. Our children are Michelle, Michael (married to Jessie), Daniel & Hannah and Caleb and we are waiting for a birthmom to choose us for our 4th adoption (our last three children have come to us as babies through adoption). At this time we have no idea when that will come about but we know that God has it all in HIS hands so are trying to be patient! We are a Christian homeschooling farming family that loves life & with all that is going on around here, boredom is not a word found in our vocabulary! Richard is a licensed Paramedic in the state of Missouri & enjoys working part time on a local ambulance crew. He is also the main person behind our website development and hosting branch of the company, more details of which you can find here.

We live a very “down to earth” life & are so very blessed. Yes we have computers etc but we focus alot on bringing our children up to enjoy the simple things of life. Devotions are a daily part of life including reading missionary stories & memorizing scripture. We cook mainly from scratch & use whole grains, raise all our own meat & try to live as organically as possible. We do not have TV & only watch a movie once in a rare while. We use our local library to get fresh books every couple weeks and read to our children a lot. It is not uncommon for us to have at least 2-3 books on the go at once. Richard & I homeschool together which is definitely a bonus for me & the children 🙂 We all love to play cards so most evenings you will find us at the dining room table. Cards are a great learning tool for children – teaching them not only to count, organize & strategize but how to be a “good” loser & not go off sulking in a corner! Logic games are also another favorite here as we believe that children (& adults) need to know how to think & work through problems.

So what is our next venture? Well apart from waiting for our 4th adoption, the farm is up for sale! We spent half of 2015 and three quarters of  2016 living in our travel trailer in Branson. We’re not sure what the future holds but with family in Idaho and Missouri we want the freedom to be able to travel the USA. Our plan, at this time, is to buy a large Fifth Wheel allowing us to live and travel as we please. (We outgrew our travel trailer.) We love Branson and are very involved there but there is also a piece of our hearts in Idaho so we would love to spend more time there with Michael, Jess and the girls. Having a house on wheels makes this much more feasible plus we then have everything we need with us. Yes, Cornish Heritage Ventures will go with us wherever we go.

So what do we share with you on our blog? Real life! As you read our blog you will be witness to many stories of farm and family life plus yummy, wholesome recipes that we as a family enjoy etc. In May/June 2013 we had the privilege of going to England for 4 1/2 weeks (our first trip back in over 8 years) & “took” you with us, sharing regular updates & pics of the fantastic places we visited. We have no idea how the future will pan out but you can rest assured that we will share it with you as it happens. We hope you find our blog a place of refreshing reality mixed in with some ‘hard to believe’ adventures.

Jan 2014 saw us launching our brand new homeschooling website – This is where we share tips and resources, most of which are FREE! When Liz creates a project study for the children, once we have completed it here to make sure that it works, we then share it with you. We realize that the plethora of information out there for homeschoolers can be overwhelming at times so our aim is to make things a little easier for you & provide some great resources that are not going to hurt your pocket book but will enhance your child’s love of learning. Liz admits that two+ years later this website has not received the tender loving care that it needs BUT there are still some good resources on there, it just doesn’t get updated very often!

Enjoy your visit, please come back to “see” us often & do not hesitate to send us a note. We love to hear from our readers.

Richard & Liz