We’re in Idaho :)

We actually arrived in Idaho nearly a week ago but have not stopped much since doing so! School started back this week so that has been a little challenging! We are staying in town as where Michael and Jessie are right now is about 20 minutes out and there is no space for us. They are still finishing their cabin and in fact, tomorrow Richard and Michael are going to be putting on the metal sheets for the roof so that they are all water tight before the rain arrives this weekend. Last weekend Richard helped Michael hang 3 doors. Michael and Jessie have done a great job and I will share some pics in another post. Upon arriving Hovis had to be introduced to everyone. She did pretty well and a day or so later stayed with Calli for a few minutes out on a walk before going to Richard.

Here she is in full flight mode. Love Calli’s face 🙂

This is the view from our “home” right now. It is beautiful. We are very blessed to be renting an RV spot from someone that keeps his camper here all summer but had just taken it home for winter so it was empty. There is plenty of space for the kids to play and the road is fairly quiet. It is also flat so great for biking along.

Meet Branch, a flying squirrel. He was rescued as a baby and will stay with Michael and Jessie until this spring when he will be old enough to fend for himself in the wild and also the cold winter will be over. Apparently flying squirrels adapt well to life outside even though raised by humans. He’s a cute little fella and very, very fast!

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