Norris Geyser Basin then and now!

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As we were walking around Yellowstone, Richard and I, along with the kids, were trying to remember when we brought Daniel and Hannah. We knew Hannah had been in a stroller and we also knew that we had made the trip to pick up a milk cow in Idaho. We thought it was probably 2008, maybe early 2009. WRONG! As we came back into Yellowstone on Monday and went up to Norris Geyser Basin I knew that we had taken a picture of Daniel and Hannah in front of the sign so decided to take an up to date one. Daniel found the old photo on his IPod but there was no date. That evening I went searching on my computer and blog. Amazed to discover that it was late September 2007 so nearly exactly 10 years ago! Wow! You can read my post from back then here but the photo is above. The 2017 photo is here:

Quite a difference! Of course Caleb wasn’t born in 2007. Wonder where we will be in 2027?

The Norris Geyser Basin is another amazing part of Yellowstone. You do need to walk if you want to experience it to its fullest. We did both the Porcelain Basin and the Back Basin Trails so about 2 miles but well, well worth it. Porcelain Springs is just incredible. After we had stood there for a while listening to all the sounds and taking in all the different water movements I asked Richard if he was ready to move on. His reply? “I’m just standing here being amazed!”

Whirligig Geyser was going off when we walked past but it was before we had read the information so I didn’t realize it was not a regular one thus didn’t take a picture! I was a little quicker on the uptake when we came to Vixen Geyser which was also active that day!

So much else to see and experience. It blows our finite minds to try and comprehend all that is going on in this area, how the waters are different temperatures thus which bacteria and microorganisms can grow in each one etc. Wonderful for the older kids to take it in again and now be able to look back at photos from 2007 and compare with 2017.




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