Sunday at Yellowstone

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Sunday was sunny and relatively warm. This was the day for pulling the fifth wheel through Yellowstone from east to west stopping to view sites on the way. (SO glad we delayed our trip a day and did not do this on Saturday!) Our first stop was Gull Point Drive, a place we had not visited previously. Here the kids ran along the water front and enjoyed some fresh air as did Hovis. We also ate our picnic lunch.

Although we had originally planned to go into Cody on Saturday we ended up moving the camper which took longer than we expected. The kids found sticks and pine cones and a portion of civility towards each other (you know what siblings can be like at times) so after lunch opted to stay at the campsite and play. They had a blast as the sun was shining for most of it. Even though it was only in the 40’s it felt balmy compared to the day before! We even all played some horseshoes! Forgetting to fill up with diesel before we hooked the camper up that morning and then missing the station on the way into Yellowstone, Richard pulled our big rig into the filling station at Fishing Bridge. It was tight but doable and diesel was no more expensive there than at West Yellowstone!

Moving on down the road we stopped at the West Thumb Geyser Basin located by Yellowstone Lake. This is a MUST SEE. There are SO many different pools to see of varying colors. The bluer the water, the HOTTER it is. Although The Abyss above looks just right for taking a dip in, the water is close to 170F! It is also 53ft deep! Walk the boardwalks and marvel at the diversity and beauty around you.

The parking lot is big and has plenty of space for our 60′ rig even though we were sticking out. Signs make it very clear whether or not you can take your RV down a road in Yellowstone HOWEVER there were a couple on Monday that were supposedly big rig accessible that we would not have taken ours down. (Will share which ones in a later post.) As we parked at West Thumb we saw a Chinese couple gesticulating as they looked at the rig. Richard had already taken Hovis inside (no pets allowed on trails) so they didn’t see her but as we were getting ready to walk they came around to “talk” with us. Their English was very limited as they didn’t understand when I asked them where they were from so I started naming countries. Japan? Hong Kong? China? When I mentioned China the lady understood and said “Beijing”. She then motioned for us all to stand with her in front of the rig for a photo. Very sweet. Richard saw another Chinese man after that who was totally fascinated as he had never before seen anything like it. Richard said he would have shown him around if it was not all closed up.

No trip to Yellowstone would be complete without a visit to Old Faithful. Upon finding the next estimated eruption time, we proceeded to get on the trail to go visit some of the other geysers. We just missed Grand going off. There are three geysers here: Grand on the right, Turban in the middle and Vent on the left. Turban was steaming and Vent was still going so we watched the display for a while.

Caleb stood in front of Grotto Geyser:

Another visitor kindly told us that Riverside Geyser was going off and would continue for a few more minutes so we rushed down to see:

There are SO many gesyers to see in this area it is truly INCREDIBLE! Old Faithful was 20 minutes later than predicted and we had almost given up moving away from our perfect vantage point when it suddenly went up so no photos! Back with more in a later post.

Meanwhile enjoy God’s creation wherever you may be,


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  1. Gail Portenier says:

    If you eat at the lodge try the buffalo meat loaf.

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