Hovis at the Continental Divide :)

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Traveling from West Thumb to Old Faithful takes you over the Continental Divide not once but twice! Yes, the Continental Divide actually loops up and back down again in a few short miles. Stopping at the western one by Isa Lake we got out to look at all the lily pads. Quite surprised to see them at this high of an elevation. Some visitors got quite a surprise to see Hovis! They got photos at the Continental Divide that they would never have dreamed of getting 🙂

Isa Lake is fascinating. It is not that big but what happens in spring is quite incredible. I quote:

“As spring run-off empties into Isa Lake, the water swells and overflows its tiny borders. When this happens, the lake does something extraordinary. Not only does it empty into two oceans, but it does so backwards. The east drainage flows into the Pacific, while the west drainage makes the long trek to the Gulf of Mexico.”

Amazing or what?


P.S. Here are Hannah and Caleb by some of those lily pads:

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