Yellowstone in the snow and rain.

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Although we did change our plans and decide to stay on the eastern side of Yellowstone for an extra day, thus pushing all our other campsite bookings forward one day, we decided to head into Yellowstone today and explore the area from Fishing Bridge all the way up to Mammoth Springs. Having read an RV article sharing the realities of driving through Yellowstone with a big rig, the author said that the only road he had not driven nor would he with his big rigs was the section between Canyon Village and Tower Falls. Having driven that today we fully understand why although we did see a couple big rigs on there. The road between Canyon Village and Tower Falls takes you over Dunraven Pass which is very windy and narrow in places. Just to prove that we were indeed driving through snow, here’s a pic!

I think this is the earliest we have ever experienced snow and it was deeper than this by the time we reached the top. By the time we got all the way to Mammoth Springs it was nearly 6pm and the snow was coming down quite fast.

Aren’t this formations fantastic?

The kids and Richard enjoyed a snowball fight before we started the 107 mile journey back to the campsite. Yes, if you have never been to Yellowstone, the road system inside the park is quite extensive and it is recommended that you take at least a day and a half to drive it all.

Leaving a little later than planned this morning due to changing our plans it was nearly noon before we even got into the park. Fishing Bridge has a nice museum showing many of the birds found in the area. There is NO theater there. As we started our journey north we stopped at the Mud Volcano and walked up the trail to the Dragon’s Cauldron. Although the weather was awful it was still fun to see. The last time we were at the park was when Hannah was in a stroller so her and Daniel do not really remember it apart from looking at photos. Like Daniel says, now he will remember it forever. Eating lunch in the truck, we then proceeded up to the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. This area was crowded despite the weather but good to see it as neither of us remember visiting this spot before.

More snow is forecast for tomorrow so we will not be going into the park but waiting until Sunday when the sun is supposed to come out, to continue our journey west. That is when we plan to visit Old Faithful etc.



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