Wheel Trouble!

After hooking up on Sunday at Treasure Lake I noticed that one of the fifth wheel tyres looked a little flat. Upon checking Richard confirmed that it was indeed WAY below the pressure it should be. He pumped it up and off we went. He checked it this morning again and it had gone down a little so pumped it up again and off we went.

As today was a day when we were going to gain an hour we decided, last night, to enjoy that extra hour by having a leisurely Chinese lunch in Kearney (pronounced Car-knee). After lunch, needing to fill up with diesel, Richard checked the tyre again only to discover that it was once again flatter than it should be. Obviously we had a slow leak! Figuring we had better get it fixed whilst in a town of a decent size Richard asked in the garage where to go. With their directions off we went searching. Alas the first place was not able to help us due to the size of the rig but sent us to Garrett Tires and Treads. Upon taking off the wheel the repair man not only discovered a nail but also that two of the lug nuts had broken off! Uh oh! He could fix the tyre but not the wheel so he sent us back down the road about 6 miles to Mid-Plains Equipment. The man that worked on our wheel there showed us the brake pad. Almost non-existent! Oh good grief! Yes, we had better replace the brake pad and also get the three other wheels checked. The other one on the same side also needed new pads! On the opposite side those brakes were fine but the seals were starting to leak.

Thankfully the weather was warm and pleasant and we had just eaten lunch. Kids found a load of frogs so that kept them occupied for a while. Yes, it was a significant delay today not to mention a “nice” bill but we still arrived at our next campsite before dark. Believe it or not we are SO thankful for that nail. Having broken lug nuts like that was an accident waiting to happen. Each day we pray for the Lord’s guidance and protection in our lives. That doesn’t mean that we believe that nothing bad will ever happen. Today proves that BUT it could have been WAY worse. Just imagine if we had been ‘sailing’ down the interstate, hit a bump and one or both of those wheels had sheared off. We’ll take a repair bill and the reassurance that we now have a safer trailer over an accident any day.

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  1. Gail & Gloria says:

    Sounds like a “God thing” to me. Praise His Name!

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