On the road again :)

The last three weeks at “home” in Branson went by in a whirlwind. I felt like I was constantly chasing my tail! Richard was blessed with a lot of work. (Unlike many full-time RVers we still have to earn some money to support our somewhat unusual lifestyle!) He finished work on Thursday morning and then it was time to wash the camper and the truck. It’s funny how so many of us RVers have to start a trip clean! Ten minutes along the road and the bugs are starting to accumulate again but it just makes us feel good to know that everything was clean and sparkling before we left!

On Friday Richard replaced the fan in the kids bathroom. The original one was manual but due its placement i.e way up high, you had to climb on the sink in order to open it. Yes, not at all practical! SO we now have a new, remote control one that does the job with little effort. Michelle and I went and did a LARGE grocery shop. Michelle laughed and said most mums and daughters would go clothes shopping. Not us! We stopped at one of the local thrift stores and then filled the shopping cart to overflowing at Aldi!

Saturday we redid all the insulation around Michelle’s camper so she is ready for winter in amongst everything else that was going on. Richard had to do sound at church yesterday morning and then we came home and started hooking up etc. Our friend Bruce welded a bumper and receiver on the back of the fifth wheel earlier last week for us to hang our bicycles on. He ran out of time to weld one on the front of the truck so for this trip we have four bikes on the back of the fifth wheel and one laid down in the truck bed. Remember me telling you the issues we were having with getting the new hitch lower? Bruce came to our rescue there also and so it is now as low as it can go. We are definitely more level and so far the ride has been good. Will take some pics and share more with you later once we have tested it all out for a few days.

Where are we going? Idaho! Yes, we are driving into the smoke although praying that that whole western area of the USA will have received some rain before we get there. Due to Montana burning up SO bad, 1 million+ acres thus far, it would be foolishness to take that route SO we are heading into Idaho from the south and driving north from Boise. They say experience is a great teacher. Our trip to California certainly taught me a thing or two regarding how many miles we can comfortably do in a day when pulling this big rig, not to mention the need to take into account the hour change especially when it comes to losing one! Of course on the way west we gain two hours making it easier. I took much greater care when planning this trip and the longest day we have is only 300 miles. No more 400 mile days! In fact yesterday we did 275 miles but today we only did 185. We are rarely on the road before 11am and I think long days actually cost us more as we are more tempted to eat out! Was wonderful getting into our campground this afternoon by 3pm and cook lunch albeit a late one! Although Richard and I don’t see our lives slowing down as such we really don’t need to rush anywhere but rather can take our time getting to our final destination enjoying life in between. A lot to be said for the simpler life. After lunch we walked to Walmart with Hovis to get a few needed items and now Richard and the kids are watching a movie which is a rare treat for them. Hard to believe that Hovis will soon be five months old. Two weeks ago I got her to fly around on her harness, a bit like a horse on a lead-line in a corral. It really helps calm her down as she gets to use some of that pent up energy.

Tonight and tomorrow night we are in Nebraska as we continue traveling west.



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  1. Gail & Gloria says:

    Are you on I-80 through NE. We very much enjoyed our time with you at Echo Hollow. Thanks for sharing your time and your life with us. We found out that at our current age it takes awhile to recover from the 11 days when we were on the run. God bless you as you travel and as you love and minister to those on the other end of your westward trip.

    • liz says:

      Yes, we are listening to the “lovely” traffic on I80 but that’s okay as it will be quick to get back on the road tomorrow morning and it has been a BLESSED day 🙂 We love you guys! What a blessing to catch up with you at Southern Gospel Picnic. LOL! It took us a day or two to recover also. In fact the kids and I didn’t leave the campsite for two days. I was tired from running, running, running BUT wouldn’t have missed SGP!

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