Legacy Five starts off Southern Gospel Picnic

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Thursday saw the start of Southern Gospel Picnic at Silver Dollar City here in Branson. Legacy Five was the group this year to start off the first night at Echo Hollow. GOOD performance.

Richard is working some crazy hours in the three weeks we are home so that we can head out again for about 8 weeks! This means that he is not going to get to enjoy much of the music this year. He was working at SDC on Saturday so saw parts of the Hoppers down in Echo Hollow who were on top form despite Dean Hopper not being with them.

Alas, several people needed Richard’s services as a paramedic that night so he was kept running up and down. If you have never been to this part of the country Branson is located in the Ozarks. It is hilly and Silver Dollar City is no exception. In fact Richard and the other medics call one of the hills “Heart Attack Hill”! Sometimes folks don’t remember the importance of ensuring that they get enough to drink when outside for long periods of time. Of course there are other issues also.

Last night Richard was off and so we all get to enjoy Jeff and Sheri Easter aka The Easters. Another stellar show with Echo Hollow bursting at the seams. same as previous night.



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