Bryce Canyon, Utah – our #1 pick!

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If we had to pick a #1 destination from our 3 week trip out west Bryce Canyon would be it! Incredible does not even begin to describe this place BUT to really enjoy it you have to walk down among the hoodoos and other formations and look up. You won’t see the best of it just from the rim. BE PREPARED for some steep climbs though! Here is the Wall of the Windows from below:

Heading out of a morning, thankfully with water bottles, snacks and sturdy shoes but sadly no hiking sticks, we had full intention of just stopping at each point via shuttle, going home for lunch and taking the Queen’s Garden Trail later in the day. (Hah!) SO with that in mind we got on the FREE shuttle outside our campground (Ruby’s Inn) and took it to the farthest point that the shuttle goes – Bryce Point. Wow!

Caleb and Hannah decided they wanted to hike down the trail. Good idea? Did we fall for it? Oh yes! Always ready for an adventure off we set. Although the night had been cool the day was warming up quite nicely!. The trail that the kids wanted to hike was called the Peekaboo Trail but to get to the start of it you have to walk over a mile down and up switchbacks. From there it is a 3 mile loop if you go all the way around. (5 1/2 miles altogether including getting up and down to it!)

As we walked down we were already dreading having to walk back up.

Once on the Peekaboo we took the left fork as Hannah needed the bathroom. Yes, thankfully, there is one down there available during the summer months! (It was only on our return that we read that a “Clockwise Direction Required” was actually written on the official Bryce Canyon paper! (Good job we went the right way!) If memory serves me correctly the path went to the left behind this archway even though it looks like a sudden drop off!

Here are some of the fascinating hoodoos:

Here was another arch/tunnel:

At the bottom, at the halfway point of the Peekaboo Trail we stopped for a snack and then made the executive decision we were going to take the adjoining path and get onto the Navajo Loop Trail. There at the bottom was a guide and so Richard asked him which side was the best to take. He advised us that the left hand side was way more iconic and so off we went. Oh my! What sights we saw and would have missed had we not gone this way.

It is only 3/4 mile but this one really makes you climb!

Yes, we walked all the way from the bottom to the top.

Even after all this exercise the children still had energy to swim back at the campground!




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