Weeping Rock at Zion National Park, Utah

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After our long walk up The Narrows the desire for any more hikes had most definitely disappeared! However there were still a couple sights we wanted to see so on our way back we stopped at Big Bend to take some photos, hopping off one shuttle and getting back on the next one. From there we went one stop further south to No. 7, Weeping Rock. As described in the official park paper this is a steep but short walk, just under 1/2 mile round trip. It definitely was steep and there were some drop-offs so if you have young children PLEASE watch them carefully. Whilst we were there, there were also some pretty big cracks in the paving on the trail so care is needed.

Worth the hike Yes! Here’s Richard catching some water:

To watch the rock “weeping” is quite amazing. In fact to experience the “rain” in this dry climate was pretty incredible. Amazing how diverse the different areas of this park are.

Not one for selfies, Richard decided that we needed one here! Hannah and Caleb had already started back down the hill. Late again in the day, having just snacked throughout our hike, it was time to fill our bodies with some good sustenance. We had seen the Bamboo Chinese Restaurant on our way in, in the morning, so decided to give it a try. The egg rolls were not the best BUT the main dishes were delicious. Richard and I LOVE spicy food and this did not disappoint. Cooked fresh, not too oily and VERY tasty. Would definitely eat there again if ever in that area.

All in all a good day. Plenty of exercise, sun, fresh air, great company and ended with some GOOD food!

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