The Narrows at Zion National Park, Utah

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Not known for our shyness we talked with many different nationalities on our trip. Whilst at the Grand Canyon we met two Dutch families from The Netherlands. One family biked the same route as we did, the other one we met on our bike ride when we stopped at one of the look-outs. As we talked about our travels and theirs they informed us that they had already been to Zion National Park. They then showed us pictures of The Narrows and told us that we “had” to walk them.

Driving to Springdale, the entrance to Zion National Park, we soon saw the signs that the parking in the park was full. THANKFULLY the lady directing traffic by the entrance was extremely informative asking us if we were planning on traveling through. We told her that the following day we were headed to Bryce. She informed us that no rigs over 50′ were allowed through the tunnel which is located on Route 9. Even if we just took our dually through it would cost us an extra $15 as it is extra wide and so they would have to shut the tunnel down to allow us through! IF we had not found this out we would have been in quite the dilemma. The streets of Springdale are not really designed for big rigs and Zion National Park is definitely NOT big rig friendly. (We camped in Virgin.) We were able to turn our truck around and find parking across the street from the visitor’s center. It cost us $20 but at the end of the day we were SO glad we had paid it as walking to the free parking would not have been appreciated.

Once in the park we took the FREE GREEN shuttle that transports visitors to 9 different stops in the park. (The brown shuttle goes out of the park into Springdale.) We rode the shuttle to the last stop, stop #9 – Temple of Sinawva. From there we walked the Riverside Walk (1.1 miles each way) which follows the Virgin River. At the end of the Riverside Walk we exchanged our walking shoes for water shoes, got a firm grip on our hiking sticks and stepped down into the Virgin River. The day we were there the beginning was crowded with people but the farther we walked the less people there were. It was a WARM day so the cool refreshing water was much welcomed. Although the Virgin River is not that deep there are several strong flowing rapids. The risk of flash flooding was “Not Likely” the day we walked it but needless to say this is not a river to walk when the risk is high. There would be nowhere to hide if the water came roaring down through!

We walked over a mile up this river. The scenery was incredible with the walls towering high on both sides of us. As we sat eating a snack the kids saw a guy who had climbed up into a hollow. Not to be beaten Caleb and Hannah soon followed, scrambling up the side. Of course Richard and Daniel had no intention of letting the little ones be the only ones to conquer this so off they went. I was quite content to sit and take photos!

Caleb, at one point, slipped down a rock and enjoyed a swim, losing his sunglasses in the process! This area had a sandy bottom and was relatively calm so as he was already soaked he decided to go in again. Yes, we had taken a change of clothes for everyone as we were not sure just how deep the water would be. Richard and I managed to stay dry.

So glad we met the family that told us about The Narrows. What a blessing their English was way better than our Dutch! Daniel didn’t appreciate us saying that us English speaking folks are lazy but it is SO true when it comes to languages. Most folks on the European mainland can speak several languages!

A lot of fun and definitely an adventure we would recommend.



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